2012. december 13., csütörtök

Winter Girl's Birthday & BIG GIFT FOR YOU!

Save $$$ when you buy the Winter Bundle with 3 last kits: 

Waiting for Santa Claus, 
Wonderful Winter Day and 
Winter Girl's Birthday .

40% off Sale, only 7.74 $!!!!!!!!!!
(reg price: 12.90 $)

...and here is my new kit, Winter Girl's Birthday
8 years ago, 10th December my sweet daughter Fanni was born, she completely changed my life, I'm a better person than before. 

I made this kit for the occasion. It contains everything needed to get a winter birthday. 
Are you prepaired to scrap your winter and birthday layouts. 

With this pack you get: 
14 papers and 62 wonderful elements 

Some artworks from my amazing CT:

by Networka

by Eagleszem

by DitaB

by Sandramilie

by zybra

by Lynnise

by Ka'f

by agata68

by Millu

by Ilonka

by Lalie Designs

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