2013. február 4., hétfő

Once Upon a Time...

The BIG day is here at DS!
The Once Upon A Time Collab is finally happening!
Our portion of the collab one fabulous kit and one add-on paper pack.

Stop by the shoppe and see the samples my CT has made. They are stunning!

I'll show you some goodies:
by mskinner


by Cizzy

And if you purchase $14.99 worth of any of the kits in the collab, you automatically get a huge freebie kit that all of the designers have put together with 55 papers, 2 alphabets, and 185 elements!

"Once Upon A Time, there were a group of deviant designers who wished to take the citizens of Deviantville on a magical journey. They packed up their horse and carts, saddled a sassy donkey and took the path less traveled. They wandered through enchanted forests, paused at the cliffs watch the dragons soar and visited the quirky, yet friendly folks, at Castle Von Deviant. With each step of the way, the citizens collected souvenirs and took copious photos to mark and remember this splendid adventure. In the end, all rejoiced in taking part of this enchanted journey to places that mere mortals only dream of. "

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