2012. április 30., hétfő


Would you like to try? Grab it!!
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DeviantMuse & BDay games and freebies

The May 2012 issue of the free Deviant Muse magazine is available now!
You can find an interview with me!!!

This is the big 40% Sale issue, and has all sorts of goodies inside! 55 pages in PDF format, including Birthday Sales; Birthday Challenges; Birthday Games; and of course loads of Birthday __freebies__!


You can also join in the DeviantScrap's Birthday Bash games and fun at this special forum...


Play games with others, have fun, and perhaps win special discount coupons! Enjoy!

2012. április 26., csütörtök

Two new kits...or old kits? :D

I am very angry!
The internet-service has some problem and this is now the third day.
I phoned them a thousand times and they always say the same: improve the error ...

But there is good news, too!
I did two kits to the store.
These are some vintage style, I really like them.

I remind you that my all products Sale 40% off

This kit was inspired by my grandmother's house. I spent a lot of time there when I was alittle kid. I like old things and the smell of her grandmother.

and some of the amazing pages my friends did for me!
by Irenchen
by Frezia
by Mameimoi
by july-c
by szrjudit

This kit is made ​​for Valentine's Day, but I do not think that can only be used.
This is one of my favorite kit, I love the pink, this is an elusive little girl in my soul.

This is romantic love kit.

Everything comes from my own collection of antique pictures and papers and some of my own digital creations.
With this pack you get:
10 romantic papers,
70 unique elements and (some of my own digital creations),
and 6 wordarts .

and some of the amazing pages my friends did for me!
by Yelina
by irishgull
by MummyD
by Eagleszem
by Vero
by szrjudit

2012. április 21., szombat

More pages with kit "Big boys are bad boys?"

I'm here to I show you some new pages with my latest kit "Big boys are bad boys?"
This available at Deviantscrap
I remind you that my all products Sale 40% off

by July-c

by Networka

by Xcenedra

and by me


2012. április 19., csütörtök

Big Opening!!!!!

This week was very tiring for me ... You know, I said goodbye to the old store and had a couple of days to I prepare for the opening of the new store.

I am happy that this day has arrived!
Today I open the door to at the Deviantscrap

I made a specialty of the occasion.

This kit is my favorite. It took almost a month to create.
The end result is something unique, cool and versatile.

Do not forget, Now there is a great opening SALE 40 % off!!!

 I can now unveil these Creative Team layouts

and even a kit available at the store, it is

Bottle of ink

I love the old book which is over 120 years old and tells of the great poet's life and I love the beautiful Victorian ink bottle is also a legacy of the grandmother.

Here are a few pages from my fantastic  CT girls

2012. április 18., szerda

The Secret...

Okay, I whisper in your ear the great secret!

So the question is: what is the name of my new store?
I think it is not difficult, I helped a with Sneak Peek ...

Oh yes, I am so happy!
The new shop is here:

I will give you a gift of the opening,
the kits are available for

Sale 40% off 

from Thursday!

2012. április 17., kedd

Coming soon ...

The new kit will be available Thursday at a new store! Tomorrow I'll tell you more.

If you are clever you are, you will find some awesome page on Facebook ...


2012. április 13., péntek

Miracle Blogtrain Freebie

Are you ready for the miracle?

Thanks to the fantastic Bóbita Designs (Ilus) we have an amazing train for you!
I hope you'll like it and enjoy!

Készen állsz a csodára?
Hála a fantasztikus Bóbita Designs-nak (Ilusnak), készült egy csodálatos blogvonat nektek.
Remélem, tetszeni fog!

Here’s my part of "Miracle" Blog Train 

Itt az én vagonom a "Miracle" blogvonatból

MOBIL <------Previous

Next stop ------> PUFIINDIÁN

If you download this blog train, please don’t forget to leave some love for all the participating designers!

Ha letöltöd az állomásokat, kérlek ne felejts el hagyni egy kedves üzenetet a tervezőknek, ezzel köszönve meg a munkájukat!