2013. augusztus 29., csütörtök

Knapweed and other goodies

I created two news this week to you.

There is a full kit,I was named " Knapweed "


The blue Knapweed is one of those flowers that is always prettier in person than in a photograph...

Take a look at some pages from my CT!

by Eagleszem

by agata68

by szrjudit

by july-c

by shayenne27

by Ilonka' Scrapbook

by zybra

by Jeannette

by me

and here is a printable.
It includes seven beautiful womens from Greek mythology

available here

by jeannette

by Ilonka's Scrapbook

and by me


2013. augusztus 20., kedd

Spice and Herbs

You love the spices?
Oh, yeah ... everyone loves
I made a pack of my favorite spices and herbs... 

We have herbs & spices things for you to use in your digital or altered art projects! They are full-bodied and a jpeg collage sheet is included if that is what you prefer. 

Available here:

and some fabulous and creative artworks from my CT:

by szrjudit

by agata68

by Kaf

by Eagleszem

by july-c

by Leandi

and by me