2012. május 24., csütörtök

Dance with the shells... New kit is here!!!

Ok, You have felt the smell of the sea? 
Then you know that there is no similar ... 
The sea is a mysterious and beautiful world 
where anything can happen. 

Whether the shellfish are dancing ... I just show you this world for you! 
This is quite special actually! 

I hope you will like it! 

BUY HERE at Deviantscrap.com

and on sale 20% off until Saturday

This mini kit contains : 
12 unique papers 
47 fantastic sea elements 

Here are some beautiful page from my fabulous CT

by Eagleszem

by july-c

by Beedee

by Filateya

by Céline

by Xcenedra

by Ivana

by Traumelfe

by DitaB

by Widie

by Hékás

by mskinner

by Millu

by Kittyscrap

by Ykkka

by KDesigns

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