2012. augusztus 31., péntek

Drifting Leaves Papers Pack

I'm here again :D
I did an autumn Paper Pack, which gives you an introduction to my next kit .

I live in the mountains and every autumn beautiful leaves flies in the air and the weather is so fabulous. I can't resist...
We have lucky to collect a lot of leaves, branches, nuts and other autumnal treasures.
Every walk through the forest add new treasures to our collection.
And now we're sharring our beautiful colorful autumn with You.

Drifting Leaves Papers Pack for beautiful end of summer and beggining of autumn full of beautiful pictures.

In it you will find: 10 wonderful autumn scene papers

This available at DEVIANTSCRAP.COM 

Some fabulous pages from my stunning CT:

by july-c

by eagleszem

by Millu

by Networka

by Widie

and two pages by me

Have fun!!!

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