2013. szeptember 26., csütörtök

Hotel Hell C.Y.O.C

What happens when 15 deviantly disturbed designers are let loose in an old, abandoned and haunted hotel? Shadows seem to come to life, spilling their dark secrets. An eerie sound sends chills up your spine and goose bumps racing across your flesh. A glimpse of movement from the corner of your eye shatters your nerves. And just when you realize it's time to get out…your worst nightmares come to life.

An  abandoned and haunted hotel where you find your nightmare !!!

Grab it here:

And  here are some magnificent masterpieces

by eagleszem

by shayenne27

by agata68

by zybra

by mskinner

by studio lalie designs

by Jacqueline1976

by zybra

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