2014. február 17., hétfő

MUSEum CYOC at Deviantscrap

I am thrilled to announce the arrival of our next  CollectYourOwnCollab - MUSEum

It's a play on a museum for our muses. A place to inspire, a place to play, a place to discover. The MUSEum is filled with all sorts of wild and wonderful things. From artistic styles to pieces of history to displays and backgrounds, we have you covered. You can create your own museum filled with your own works of art or perhaps take a wander a la Night at The Museum. Whatever you do, just get creative and let your muse dance through our halls. 

My part grab here

As a bonus, spend $14.99 in our CYOC - MUSEum category and receive our massive add-on kit for free!!! Remember, you must go to "View Cart" for the kit to be automatically added to your cart.  

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